“From a Buddhist perspective, sacred environments such as Pemako are not places to escape the world, but to enter it more deeply.” The Dalai Lama Fewer footprints tread on the higher reaches of the Himalayan plateau this week. As the tremors from the earthquake fade, the unusual violence on these sacred mountains has caused both trekkers and spiritual worshippers to retreat. But they will return, because the strong earthquake that shook these mountain ranges is a reminder that the “ultimate source of happiness is within us,” and through us, present in these sacred mountains. Sharing the Himalayan mountain range with Mount Everest are Tibet’s most sacred mountains, among them Mount Kalaish and Mount Lapchi. Mount Kalaish, which spans China and Tibet, is a place of supreme reverence for multiple religions. Each year pilgrimages of Buddhists and Hindus walk the base counterclockwise while the Jains and Bonpo navigate counterclockwise, according to…Continue Reading
On level Sea The Mountain is High. Yet what I cannot see Is the Canyon Afore Upon arrival at Her Shore.   Trekking forward with Intent to Climb Knowing Effort-Supreme it will Require Knowing Ego-Supreme holds this Desire. I surge through Jungle-brush only to find Her Canyon hidden – Immense, deep, and wide.   Unfair!  Unfair! – My Mind does cry, To give such Deceit to the distant Eye, To Tempt and to Lure the strained Ego nigh, The Mountain – in Truth – She is twice as High!   To Conquer Her I cannot, As I feel the Ego plummet. It will take far greater that I To reach Her Heavenly Summit.   Entranced by Optical Illusion, Defeated by such Truth I find, Such a Grand Delusion, Perpetual Youth of Mind.   Despondent, Angry, I MySelf chide, Refusing yet to see, Beauty and Treasure of the Canyon She’d hide…Continue Reading
When the collective consciousness of a people calls the universe responds. The time for a health care that empowers the evolution of consciousness has come. We no longer think of health as just a concern for body, but a method of happiness and well being for the whole personality. Long life is not the only criteria, but rather a long, happy healthy and fulfilling life is what is desired. To answer this need ayurveda has come again. After years of suppression, the will and need of humanity has manifested this system again. Its origin is full of multi-layered, multi dimensional stories. However it is believed that this science was revealed to Rishi Bharadvaja from the Divine Cosmic Intelligence. It is Divine Revelation, no guessing, no uncertainty, and therefore no necessity for testing and harming animals or any other life forms. Ayurveda is a complete healing science, of body, mind, and senses. It…Continue Reading
You are what your deep driving desire is. As your desire is, so your will. As your will is, So your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny. (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.5) Most of us are familiar with the law of attraction. It has been debated around the world and put into practice by many. There have even been whole workshops devoted to just this law and we’ve found that it works for some, but not others. Why is this so? A law is absolute. If it is a law, it should work for everyone. Right? There is more to this law than meets the physical eye of course. The debate has only touched upon the law, focusing more on the objects of desire and how to attain these objects than the subject who perceives and makes life happen. To fully understand the law of attraction, we need to understand…Continue Reading